COVID-19 Update

We are so excited about starting back our In-Person Sunday Meetings! We have compiled a list of helpful information for you to read over so you know what to expect when you arrive. We are doing the best we can to be thorough with the information we received, but please let us know if you have any further questions as you read through this.

1. Sanitization & Cleanliness

The building has been thoroughly clean and sanitized. There will be hand sanitizer throughout the building for you to use as well.

2. Social Distancing

We understand there are varying levels of social distancing, but we as a public space, need to honor the guidelines for social distancing as best as we can.  Please be mindful of other people’s comfort levels as well.

3. Entry/Exit

You will enter through the front doors and go into the left side auditorium doors. We will have a one way entrance and exit marked throughout the building with signs and tape on the floor. You will exit through the right side auditorium doors and then exit through the Coffee Bar door.

4. Auditorium Set-Up

In the auditorium we have chairs set up in multiple size groups. The groups of chairs have a distance of 6ft between each other. We do ask that families try and sit together as this will maximize the amount of chairs and space.

If you get into the auditorium and there is not a space that fits your family size, please let a Host Team member know and we can get some more chairs to accommodate you! Please do not move the chairs unless you get help from a Host Team member.

5. Kids Ministry

For the time being, we will not be having any Kids Ministry classes. The kids will stay in the meeting with the adults for worship and the message. They will be provided with some paper and some colors, but would also encourage you to bring whatever you feel like would occupy them during that time.

6. Worship & The Message

Our meeting will run the same that it has been the last 3 months, with a shortened time of worship, announcements and then a message. In total, it will last around 50 minutes or so. We will have the kids with us the whole time.

7. Ministry Teams

The following teams will continue to serve on Sunday Mornings for the time being: Host Team, Worship Team, Sound/Media Team, & Safety Team. We will not be offering Coffee or Cookies.

8. Masks

Masks will be required both before and after the meeting, as those are times when we are having face to face conversations with people. We will not require you to wear a mask while you are at your seat during the message and worship, because everyone is safely social distancing.

Masks will be required for kids Kindergarten age and up.
Please come ready to wear a mask, if you don’t bring one, we will provide you with one. But we do ask that you try and bring one, since those masks are in short supply.
If there is a health-related reason why you can’t wear a mask or you have any other questions, please contact your Life Group Leader or one of the Elders.
For more information on Mask Requirements, check out our video on YouTube:

9. After the meeting

After the meeting is over, you are welcome to talk with people as long as you maintain social distancing. You are welcome to stay in the auditorium, talk in the Coffee Bar area, or hang outside.

10. Parents with kids 

We know and understand it is extremely hard to maintain social distancing with kids, especially when they haven’t seen their friends in so long. But, we do ask that you keep your kids right beside you and help them maintain social distancing.


Thank you!

Thank you for working with us over these last 3 months – we have had a lot of transition! We know and understand that this is all new for everyone! Your safety is the utmost importance to us and as we continue to get more information regarding Covid-19 and social distancing, we will update our policies accordingly.